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Build user trust and confidence by securing data transmission

  • Domain Validation
  • SSL Site Seal
  • 24/7 Support
  • Free Installation
  • Encryption (up to 256-bit)

Protect data and Increase User Trust in your business

Build user trust by encrypting sensitive data with a low cost SSL certificate.

  • Domain (DV)
  • Single Domain
  • Great for Personal
  • Green SSL Padlock
  • Re-issue Possible
  • Organization (OV)
  • Single Domain
  • Great for Business
  • Green SSL Padlock
  • Re-issue Possible

EV SSL Certificate for your business

Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates activate both the padlock and the green address bar in all major browsers.

Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificates provide the highest trust level and are the industry standard for business websites.

Extended Validation SSL Certificate Pricing Information

  • Comodo EV SSL

    $134.95 USD – 1yr Validity

  • EV Multi-Domain SSL

    Incl. 3 Extra Domains

    $244.95 USD – 1yr Validity


Why an SSL Certificate is So Important?

An SSL certificate will give your website visitors confidence, but there are
also practical advantages.

Protect User Data

SSL Certificates help to ensure website security.

Faster Website

SSL certification improves the speed of the website.

Improve SEO Results

It enhances the search engine ranking for your website.

Frequently Asked Questions

SSL (Secure socket layer) is a standard security technology that provides secure communications between a web server and a browser. SSL uses a combination of public key and private key encryption to protect sensitive information like credit card numbers, login credentials, email addresses, etc. Furthermore, HTTPS, padlock and green address bar ensure users for a safe website browsing and online transactions.

Difference between SHA1 and SHA2?
SHA stands for Signature Hashing Algorithm which is used by the Certificate Authority to sign a certificate. SHA-1 is an older version of the algorithm and produce a 160-bit (20-byte) hash value. SHA-2 is the current hashing algorithm standard.
Does the SSL certificate support TLS?
Yes, all the certificates which we provide support TLS protocol. But in order to use it, the certificate is dependent upon the server settings. In short, whatever protocols or ciphers are enabled on the server, the certificate will support it.
How do I move the SSL certificate?
For security reasons, you will need to have your SSL Certificate re-issued in these instances. You will need to create a new CSR and share it with us so that we can reissue the certificate.
Difference between 128 & 256-bit encryption?
The main difference is the key length after establishing an SSL connection in the browser. But practical purpose, 128 bit security is enough to ensure security. The only reason 256-bit security is needed is if it's specifically required.
What is the SSL Certificate Warranty?
An SSL certificate warranty covers any damages that you may incur as a result of a data breach or hack that was caused due to a flaw in the certificate. The warranties range in value, which means that the higher value certificates come with more extensive warranties.
How Long are SSL Certificates valid for?
SSL Certificate we provide are valid from 1-3 years. EV Certificates can be ordered only for max 2 years and DV & OV certificates can be obtained for up to 3 years.

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